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Around Akiba is documenting what’s going on in fandoms, subcultures, “Cool Japan,” and much, much more.

Since the 1980s, Akihabara has transformed into an “Otaku mecca” in the minds of millions. Game, manga, and anime related stores line the streets. Built boards of the latest anime dot the skyline. On an average day, maids hand out flyers trying to charm customers into their cafes.

This is the “Akiba,” many imagine that represents “Cool Japan” and Japanese subculture. In reality, Japanese subcultures are not concentrated in Akihabara but rather dispersed throughout Japan, online, and increasingly the world.

Originally, Around Akiba wanted to open Akiba, the physical the location, to the world. Considering the ever-changing, and ever-shifting nature of Japanese pop culture and subcultures, Around Akiba does not merely view Akiba as the physical location of Akihabara, Tokyo. Rather, Akiba represents the diffusion and fusion of Japan Pop and love.

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1UP-Information-Center-bunner1UP Information Center
Delivering the latest on anime, games, hobbies, electronics, cosplay, and cuisine from Akihabara before all the others.



Broadcaster and coordinator of everything from events and activities to shop introductions and promotion in Akihabara.


Akiba Nippoh
A top Akiba news blog covering everything about the ever-changing Akihabara, funny or serious, old or new.



Akiba Jigoku
Introducing news on anime, voice actors, figures, games, and more from Akihabara.


Always delivering great news from Akihabara, plus something extra.